Fax +39.0721.855982
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di Grottaroli Fabrizio e C.

Via C. Treves 1,
61032 Zona Ind.le Bellocchi di Fano
Pesaro Urbino, Marche - ITALY

Tel. +39.0721.855212
Fax. +39.0721.855982
E-mail: info@grottaroli.it

How to reach

Grottaroli is in the region of Marches, in the province of Pesaro Urbino.

From motorway:

  • Exit A14 Fano
  • Catch the SS73BIS dir. Rome
  • Exit Bellocchi
  • In Dir. Bellocchi Zona Ind.
  • Go on for Via L.Einaudi
  • Turn right for Via Albertario
  • Turn right for Via La Malfa
  • Go on for Via Treves


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